Ken Fisher: Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, Fisher Investments Executive Chairman

Ken FisherKen Fisher is an investment manager, author, and financial thinker of this generation. He was recently recognized as one of the top 30 most influential individuals in the investment industry over the last 30 years.1 Ken Fisher has proven himself in the investment marketplace with numerous, accurate market calls that often are the exact opposite of most Wall Street speculations. Fisher Investments strategies are unique to the firm, and are the results of closely studying market trends and fluctuations.

Ken Fisher’s “Portfolio Strategy” column for Forbes ran from 1984 to 2017, making him the longest continually running columnist in the magazine’s history. In addition, Ken Fisher has been published, interviewed and/or been written about in numerous major American, British, and German finance and business periodicals. He writes a weekly column Focus Money, a leading German magazine.

Ken Fisher has written eleven books, including four New York Times bestsellers, 2006's The Only Three Questions That Count (revised in 2012), 2008's The Ten Roads to Riches, 2009's How to Smell a Rat, and 2010's Debunkery.  His latest book is Beat the Crowd was published in March 2015 by Wiley.  In 1984, his Super Stocks was that year's bestselling stock market book. Others include 1987's The Wall Street Waltz and 1993's 100 Minds That Made the Market, both re-released by John Wiley & Sons in 2007. In addition to English, Ken Fisher's books have been translated into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Thai, reaching over 3/4 of global GDP.2

Often published in professional and scholarly journals, including prize-winning works, for two decades his research has spawned new concepts adopted into today's core financial curriculum. His recent research focuses on the emerging field of behavioral finance, where behavioral psychology and finance intersect.

Ken Fisher is the founder and Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments, a multi billion fee-only investment adviser serving institutional and high net worth investors globally.  As a leading independent investment management firm, Fisher Investments participates in global equity and fixed income markets.

Ken Fisher's hobbies include the history of Kings Mountain, California and 19th century redwood lumbering history. He and his wife, Sherrilyn, have three adult sons.


Praise for books by Mr. Fisher as well as praise for Mr. Fisher himself:

"Ken Fisher has produced the first worthwhile new investment ideas I've seen in years."
- James W. Michaels, Forbes Editor (1957-1999)

(from the 1984 endorsement of Ken Fisher’s first book, Super Stocks)

"The reason for Ken's longevity is not only his excellent record of individual stock recommendations but also his insightful general observations and his creation of principles for investors to follow."
- Steve Forbes, Forbes Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Inc. President & CEO

(from "King Fisher," Forbes, August 3, 2009, commemorating Ken's 25th year with Forbes)

"Much of Fisher's success is due to his career-long practice of challenging the conventional wisdom of investing."
- Mary Scott, Research Magazine

(from "Befriending Your Brain," Research Magazine, February 2007)

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1Thirty for Thirty, Investment Advisor, 5/1/2010
2Based on countries' official languages and GDP reported by the IMF, as of April 2013.